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Welcome to Cooking Japanese Style.  Cooking Japanese Style is a food blog site to get recipes of Japanese Home Cooking from Japan to your home.  There’s a lot of traditional Japanese food that originated in Japan using different spices and food that they have.  Most of the Japanese recipes shared are mixed with different cultures.  For example curry and rice from India has a spicy flavor as from Japanese style curry is sweet in flavor.  Shannon Tomioka MainSo that’s where we got our name for our site, they may take a style of food from a different country and add a Japanese style flavor to it.  I will be sharing different Japanese recipes, lunch box ideas, reviewing new Japanese food products, and reviewing great places to eat around Japan.  Also I will be adding videos with every recipe I come out from now and you can find YouTube Channel here called Cooking Japanese Style.

About Shannon

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and now living in Osaka, Japan.  I have been in Japan for about 12 yrs now and loving every single moment of my life here in a beautiful country.  I’m a English teacher here in Japan and on spare I blog, gaming,   I have been cooking for the pass 15 years, but still not at the level that I want to be.  In the pass 4 – 5 years wanting to learn more about Japanese food and how they prepared them as an art form instead of something there for you to eat.  I knew that it will take years and years of learn a process of the art, so I looked on what families would eat on a regular bases as of home cooking.  This sparked an idea for me, that I should learn how to cooking Japanese food since this will be my home.  I have no training and nor I’m not a professional chef or cook, just your average male who loves cooking and eating delicious food.

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