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Today Topic is “What is Japanese Nabe or Hot Pot?”  Japanese Nabe is a recipe made in a Hot Pot, which consist of many different vegetables, meats, and fish.  We usually have this during the cold seasons, like the ending of Aki Season(Autumn) and Fuyu Season(Winter).  This is placed on the main dinner table and served, while adding ingredients at the same time.

There is not just one way of making this recipe all over Japan, each Prefecture has their own way or style to prepare this dish.  I have shared a couple Japanese Nabe dish in my Site.  Pork Nabe, Chicken Balls Nabe, and Duck Nabe to name a few.  I will be adding more in the up and coming weeks.

Here is a list of what vegetables you can find in a Japanese Nabe:

  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Japanese Leek or Green Onion
  • Shitake Mushrooms
  • Shimeji Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Japanese White Radish
  • Garland Chrysathemum
  • Enoki Mushrooms

This is just a basic list of vegetables, you may see other vegetable in the Japanese Nabe, that I have not listed Also.

The Japanese Nabe uses a Basic soup base called “Dashi Stock” or Soup Stock.  You may click on Dashi Stock to see the recipe for this.  As for the main ingredient for Japanese Nabe there are many different varieties you see in a Japanese Nabe.  Here’s a small list of different types you can find or make:

  • Kimchi Nabe
  • Buta Nabe (Pork)
  • Kani Nabe (Crab)
  • Chanko Nabe (Sumo Wrestlers usually their main daily dish)
  • Tori Nabe (Chicken)
  • Kamo Nabe (Duck)
  • Kaki Nabe (Oysters)
  • Ebi Nabe (Japanese Lobster)
  • Shabu shabu (beef)
  • Tori Dango (Chicken Balls)
  • Tsumire Nabe (Sardine/ Japanese Horse Mackerel)
  • Fugu Nabe (Japanese Tiger Puffer)

This is just a few of them I have listed, there are many many more different ways of Japanese Nabe Style.  I hope you have enjoyed this short information on Japanese Nabe, this is one of many topics I will share with everyone.  This is my first time to write something this, usually my hubby does this type of post writing.  I figure I should it out for my self and see how it goes.  I’m still learning how to write like this and I know I have a long ways to go.  Feel free to give any feed back on how I can improve my writing skills.  You may contact me at hanaumea@gmail.com

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