As some may know there are a lot of different types and style of Sushi.  Heres a list of them I will share with you, these are Sushi style that most people have heard of.  In Japan each prefecture have their own style of making Sushi, I’m still researching this information and be added in a different post.  I also have written recipes on some of the Sushi recipes I have listed, so if you would like to try them your self.  I have easy to follow step on each Sushi recipe.

  • Nigiri zushi (握り寿司): Is a sushi formed from the palms of ones hand, which the rice is gently squeezed to make an oval shape.  Wrap with thin strip of nori(seaweed) and topped with many different type of seafood.  Most commonly known salmon, different parts of maguro(tuna), tako (octopus), unagi (freshwater eel), anago (sea eel), ika (squid), and tamago (sweet egg).  Just to name a few, but the list goes on.
  • Maki zushi (巻寿司): Is a sushi rolled and wrapped with a thin layer of nori. The sushi is rolled with a bamboo mat which we call “Makisu”.  Inside of the rolled sushi has many different types of combination.  Some example  are “Kappamaki” (Fresh cucumber filling), “Futomaki” (Variety of many different ingredients), and “Tekkamaki” (Fresh raw tuna filling), just to name a few.
  • Temaki zushi (手巻き寿司): Is a hand rolled in to a cone like sushi wrapped around with a thin layer of nori.  The tamakizushi has many different kinds of combination for its style also.  There are all kinds of seafood, vegetables, and meats. (I have heard people trying pork, steak, and even chicken being used as fillings).  It all depends on your taste buds and what you prefer to try.
  • Inari zushi (稲荷寿司): Is one of the easies sushi to make, the rice is stuffed into a aburage (deep fried tofu bag).  Most people like to mix their rice by adding vegetables like carrots, Japanese mushrooms.  Just to add a little bit of a different flavor.
  • Bara-zushi (ばら寿司) or Charashi zushi(ちらし寿司): Is a sushi, where you add seafood, vegetables, and Japanese mushroom to fresh made rice in bowl or bamboo style bowl and its spread on top of the rice.  This is also served in smaller bowl which we call bonburi(rice in a bowl) to make it easier to eat.  We usually make this on Special Holidays or Special Event.
  • Oshi zushi (押し寿司): Is a little different from the others, this is a pressed sushi.  For this we use a wooden block like mold. We usually add different types of seafood to make this, I like to add salmon to mines.  You add the ingredient that you are going to use first, add the rice on top of that and with the wooden block mold you would gently press down.  Once done, you will get a perfectly rectangle shape sushi. Just in rectangle bite size and serve.

So, there are the main types of sushi that we have here in Japan.  There many many more, but will fall under one of the main topics that I have mention above.  I be going over each sushi topic in more details with the recipes, in the weeks to come.  I hope that this information was usefully, I also have linked on the “How tos” for some of the Sushi listed.  Sorry, I just realized that I didn’t have a recipe for Oshizushi which is one of my families favorites.  I will have that up this weekend for you.  If you have any question on my list please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get right back to you soon.

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Thank you.