Hello Everyone,

Are you an Adgitize Advertiser Member?  Well, now I am a Adgitize Advertiser Member.  After spending 3 month think if I should be a Advertiser or not.  I decided last month to give it a try for a month to see how things work and if it was worth spending the money for the monthly Fees of $14.00.

Well, I didn’t get to start at the beginning of August.  I actually started on August 8, 2009, so I missed a little over a week.  To my surprise after looking at my traffic stats and comments.  It has increase more than I thought.  From having a daily traffic of 50~100 visitors to my site, it has increased my daily traffic to 350~400 visitors.  Also having about 1~2 comments every month on my post, this has increased to 3~4 comments weekly.(Spam not included. lol)  Also, I made my money back.  Which I was surprise because I started a week late into the month.(See below my proof)

This is my 1st payment from Adgitize..

This is my 1st payment from Adgitize..

This a Direct Deposit From Adgitizer to my Paypal Account.

This a Direct Deposit From Adgitize to my Paypal Account.

So here’s my final thought’s on Adgitize, If you are looking for more traffic to your site and make a little money doing what you are already doing.  Try being a Adgitize Advertiser Member if you are already an Adgitize Publishers.  It will be worth it.

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