Good Evening Everyone,

I want to thank the people who took the time to come and visit my blog and drop Entrecard for the month of  September.  I will continue to come by and visit you back.  We know that Entrecard is going through some big changes, I know there will be people dropping out of the program.  I think I will give it couple more months before I decide if Entrecard is worth staying.

Well, here are my Top Droppers of September.  For those of you who haven’t dropped on these people, they are very dedicated to what they do and the have Awesome content to share with others.  So if you have a chance please visit them and leave them a comment or 2. Showcases of photography, idea, concept, design, graphic, environment, architecture, interior and art.

Juliana’s Bits & Pieces All about Gifts.

A Simple Life A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites.

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice Italian American comfort food using fresh ingredients.

The Modern Mom Moms like me are becoming more and more housekeeping savvy. From stretching the family budget to diy’s, smart solutions and more.Being a wonder mom is now no sweat with all these wonderful alternatives.

Life’s sweets and spices A work-at-home-mommy who loves to cook, bake and read. A frustrated chef, now a dedicated blogger. Blogging makes me happy and this is where I share my thoughts, ideas, [sometimes] feelings, my love for food and then some…

Fresh ‘N’ Marine Aquarium Blog Freshwater and Marine or Saltwater Aquarium Blog on fish, hobby and related news.

moms….. check nyo I’m a 40ish year old mom of two. I love to bake, cook, plant herbs (in pots cause i don’t have a garden), cross stitching, hardanger embroidery, bowling and just like any typical pinay moms i love watching telenovelas.

Business Sphere A blog on business advice, entrepreneurship ideas and consulting for business.

Comatised Dreaming in digital.

Thank you again.

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