Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone is have a great week so far.  Last week I talked about, we are going to try some new stuff for Cooking Japanese Style.  To improve more readership to my cooking site.  So here is what me and the hubby have come up with and wanted to share with everyone.

  • Add more information on Japanese Foods as well as Recipes.
  • More Cooking Tips.
  • We will be also adding information on 日本酒 (Japanese Wine). Details on where it is made and prices.
  • Information on Japanese Branded Food.
  • Restaurant around Japan Reviews.
  • We are looking to get more into the media side, in the summer.  I will be making weekly videos.  How To’s step by step instruction on Cooking Japanese Dishes.
  • New look for my site will be in Spring.
  • Interviews of Japanese Chefs and Cooks around Japan, as well as outside of Japan.

I hope that I didn’t bore you with this information.  Their are more we need to add to this list, but we are still discussing them.  If you have any ideas for Cooking Japanese Style that you would like to see or hear, any feed back would be great.  You can comment to this post or contact me personally at (

Thank you,