Good Afternoon Everyone, Today the kids finally goes back to school from a long Spring Vacation and in about 3 weeks “Golden Week” is coming.  We have not plan what to do on the 1 week holiday yet, hope the hubby has something in mind.

Today on Cooking Japanese Style, I’m doing another review and this time it was a very big challenge for me.  I not really into eating things that is strange or something you don’t find in the supermarket, but last week while me and the hubby were having a few drinks at our favorite Tachinomiya(Stand-up bar).  One of the regulars had gone on a business  trip Nagano Prefecture and brought back some gifts.  One of the gifts was “Hachinoko”(bee larvae), me and the hubby have never tried it before and I didn’t think I would even try it.  Everyone was saying it was good and that we should at least try it once and if we didn’t like we didn’t have to eat any more.

So the hubby tried it and his reaction was, “Wow, this is tasty.  I need some hot rice to go with this!”  Everyone was saying the same thing too.  I wait a while and finally had the courage to try it.  I took a small piece put it in my mouth and a couple of seconds later, I had to take it out of my mouth.

The Review:

In my opinion I wouldn’t recommend it, just looking at the Hachinoko in the little dish made me want to throw up.  It’s bugs!!  It’s not food!!  I’m sure everyone taste buds are different some will like and other won’t.  I love my honey, but not when the bees that make the honey are in it dead.

Well, until next week I will have another Review.  I will not tell you what it is cause I have long list to choose from.  Have a great day and we will see you tomorrow.