Calpis Selected Butter カルピス特選バター
Recipe type: Article

I’m a considerable bread lover. As my Hubby always says, causes I always bring home different kinds of breads after doing my weekly grocery shopping. If there’s a good bread, good butter, and good coffee. I’m very satisfied at breakfast or even at lunch. I would like to introduce “Calpis Butter”, this is usually sold in Japan. I think this is not really good for business. A while back I use to visit France a lot, and that’s how I found the enjoyment of having delicious butter with some of the best delicious bread in France. I clearly found that the butter in France was rich in flavor and not heavy like other butters and it doesn’t weight heavy on my stomach. I looked for the same butter in Japan and found them. A butter made in France called “ECHIRE” and another one that was similar to the butter I had in France but was a butter made in Japan called “CALPIS BUTTER”. The name Calpis is a name brand known for Japanese drinks. The Calpis in the production of lactic acid drinks, when you can separate the fat from milk, milk fat (cream). This originated in 1963. This was a “The Secret Ingredient” to bring out the taste of French cuisine commercial “Butter Specialties” be released. The Specialty Butter is not only producing a limited amount, but a limited amount internationally. So it is difficult to obtain “Calpis Butter”, I think it’s found in some of the Asian Countries and maybe in Hawaii only. The Calpis butter is good and rich flavor, and soft. Less water then others, the source for the making pies and cookies. Product Line: • Selected Calpis butter (salted) 450g for 1365 yen/ year refrigerated. • Selected Calpis butter (unsalted) 450g for 1418 yen/ 6 months refrigerated. The Calpis butter purchase: the famous department stores nationwide confectionery material handling dealer, online shopping, etc. Calpis Co. Ltd. Suggested retail price of butter is expensive and Calpis about twice the usual butter, but it also sells a store a cheap price, you will also need to try to hit more. Have a great weekend and we will see you tomorrow.
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