Hello, everyone.

Today, I introduce to ” Diet Recipes” in here. Because, lately, I have little fat (lol) so I came up trying to diet.

Japanese food = Healthy

Yes, Japanese food is suitable to the Diet in general. Basically Japanese food is 5 dish,( soup, main, 2 side dish, and staple: rice etc ) The Japanese food is healthy,  cause of these 5 dish has good balance and nutritional need and the ingredients are high protein, low fat, rich in minerals, and fiber. which is good for dieting.

How to loose weight.

General metabolism of adult is 1200 kcal per day. Plus daily activities it consumed 2000-2500 kcal. If you intake 2000 kcal a day, not gain weight and not lose weight, BUT have fat….. why?…. because eating too much or not active. I don’t exercise, so not change calories consumed, reduce to intake. ( If you doing exercise or more than now, pls don’t reduce your calories intake, keep doing your exercises).

Why 500kcal?

One meal= 500kcal, is like a negative saving. If you can eat to 700kcal per meal, you taken to 2100kcal while day,and if you eat to 500kcal just one meal, total  is take to 1900kcal, and keep to 1month, you can negative saving for 6200kcal.

EX( Consumed Calories 2000 kcal)

break fast= 600kcal

lunch= 700kcal

Dinner= 700kcal

Total: 2000kcal (one day)   plus and subtract  is zero

breakfast= 600kcal

Lunch= 500kcal

Dinner= 700kcal

Total: 1800kcal( one day)

-200kcal × 31days= -6200kcal

1kg to reduce fat, consumption should be 7200kcal, so, -6200kcal meal and to exercise as walking in daily life, 1kg of fat is reduced in a month. 12kg fat is reduced in a year!….

I introduce to law calories menu in here, the combination of your favorite, calculate the total calories per day. Earnestly, too much is taboo.

Pls have your health while enjoying Japanese home cooking!!