Top 10 Favorite Japanese Foods in Japan!!
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This pass week I took a serve of 100 people, and asked them “What are your Top Ten Favorite Japanese Foods?” I gather all the information from all 100 people and came up with this list for you all. Now this list not just the people that live in Osaka, where I’m from. It’s from all around Japan.
  • So here’s the lists:
  • ☆ Sushi: Sushi makes the Top Spot of Japanese Foods. Here’s a small list of what sushi was popular. Maguro (Tuna), Uni (Sea Urchin), Ikura(Salmon Eggs), Salmon, Ebi (Shrimp), Tako (Octopus), Bintoro (Pink Tuna), Anago (Salt Water Eel), Akagai (Red Calm), and Awabi (Abalone).
  • ☆ Ramen: Ramen comes in second on the list. Here’s some of the popular Ramens. Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Shio Ramen, and Tonkotsu Ramen.
  • ☆ Nabe (HotPot): Nabe well know during the winter time come in third on the list. Here’s are some dishes. Shabushabu, Kani (Crab), Fugu (Poison Balloon Fish), Yudofu (Tofu), and Tori (Chicken).
  • ☆ Sukiyaki: Sukiyaki come in forth, I would figure this would be higher on the list.
  • ☆ Deep Fried: Deep Fried comes in a even 5th on the list. Here are some dishes people have submitted. Tonkatsu (Pork), Ebi (Shrimp, Sakana (Fish), Kaki (Oysters), Tori (Chicken), and Croquette (Potato).
  • ☆ Japanese Style Curry Rice: Curry is not a Japanese Original dish, they have made their own style of Curry. Seafood Curry, Beef Curry, Pork Curry, Chicken Curry, and Vegetable Curry.
  • ☆ Donburi (Rice Bowl): Donburi come in at 7th and one of my favorites, I should put this one at number one. But that would be fair, right. Here’s are people favorites. Oyakodon (Chicken with Egg and Rice), Katsudon (Pork with Rice), Unagidon (Eel with rice), Gyudon (Beef with Rice), Tendon (Deep Fried fish, vegetables, and etc), and Mabudon (Mabutofu and Rice).
  • ☆ Yakitori: Yakitori, another one of my and the family favorites. I could list the whole meun here, but the hubby said don’t. Here’s are some favorites. Tori (Chicken), Momo Shio and Tare (Chicken thighs with salt or teriyaki sauce), Liver, Kawa (Chicken skin), and Sasame (Chicken white meat).
  • ☆ Okonomiyaki: I think this should be number one after typing all this out. hhhmmm, Oh well. Here’s are some favorites. Buta (Pork), Ika (Squid), Mixed, Ebi (Shrimp), and Modanyaki (It’s with Fried noodles).
  • ☆ Noodles: Noodles around out the Top 10 list. Here are the peoples favorites. Kitsune (Deep Fried Tofu), Tanuki, Nagashi (Bamboo) Somen, and Soba Noodles.
  • That’s the ends the Top 10 Favorite Japanese Foods in Japan. I will have more Top 10 Survey on other Japanese Foods and Dishes, so stay tune. If you miss any of my surveys Subscribe to my RSS feed, so you don’t miss any of my Top 10’s.
  • So here’s my Questions for you, “What’s your Top 10 Japanese Foods?” Leave a comment with your answers and if you can list the name of the Japanese Foods.

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