One Pot with Chicken 鶏の水炊き
Recipe type: Main Dish, Chicken
Cuisine: Japanese
Serves: 4

Today’s Japanese Style Cooking is another way to make One Pot with Chicken or 鶏の水炊き in Japanese. I posted another Hot Pot Chicken Recipe earlier this week, this just another way of enjoying Japanese Style Hot Pot Recipes. This one is very healthy to eat and very delicious for the winter season. Enjoy.
  • 600g Chicken thighs with bone, chopped into pieces
  • 1 pack tofu
  • ¼ whole Chinese cabbage
  • ½ bunch shungiku chrysanthemum leaves
  • 4 shiitake mushrooms
  • 1 pack winter mushrooms
  • 2 naganegi onion
  • kudzu filaments
  • 8-10 cups water
  • 15㎝ konbu kelp
  • ½ cup sake
  • grated white radish
  • asatsuki chives
  • ponzu soy sauce

  1. Set the water and konbu kelp, and let stand for about 30 min. add the sake and chicken, and bring to the boil over a high heat. When it comes to the boil, reduce the heat to low, and simmer until the liquid is reduced to ⅔ while skimming foam.
  2. Cut the tofu into 6-8 pieces, cut the Chinese cabbage into chop coarsely, rinse the shungiku in cold water and pluck off the leaves. Remove the stems from the shiitake mushrooms and make a cross shape incision on each cap, chop off the tips of the winter mushroom stem.
  3. Cut the naganegi onion diagonally, boil the kudzu filaments until transparent and drain.
  4. When the chicken is tender, add the ingredients prepared, and simmer provide each diner with the condiments and ponzu soy sauce.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy this, until next time let’s cook together. 次回は一緒に作りましょう~^^/~~ PS: If you enjoy my Daily recipe subscribe to my RSS Feed and I also have available my first e-Book, which FREE to you for coming by and reading my Japanese CookingRecipes. Thank you..