Steamed Chicken 蒸し鶏
Recipe type: Main Dish, Chicken
Cuisine: Japanese
Serves: 4

Today’s Japanese Style Cooking is called Steamed Chicken or 蒸し鶏 in Japanese. This can be a side dish or main dish if you prefer, I usually make this a main dish for the family. I hope you enjoy this Recipe. Let’s get started with what we need to make our Steamed Chicken Dish.
  • 2 chicken tights
  • ⅓ tsp salt
  • 2tbsp sake

  1. Make holes in the chicken skin with a fork, and make a few scores between the flesh and the fat, remove the gristle and slit it open.
  2. In a vat, sprinkle the salt and sake, in this order , over the chicken and knead. Let stand for 10 min.
  3. Place the chicken in a hot steamer, over high heat for about 15min.
  4. Lightly steam until you are able to stick a bamboo skewer through the chicken and its juice easily flows out.
  5. Remove the hot steamed chicken, wrap it in plastic film and flip it at 5 min intervals to prevent the surface from drying. Let stand cool for 1 hour.
  6. Cut the chicken in half lengthways followed by smaller shaving cut, and arrange it a plate.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy this, until next time let’s cook together. 次回は一緒に作りましょう~^^/~~ PS: If you enjoy my Daily recipe subscribe to my RSS Feed and I also have available my first e-Book, which FREE to you for coming by and reading my Japanese CookingRecipes. Thank you..