☆KFC Japans Pari Pari Umami Chicken☆

Good Morning Everyone, hope that you are having a great week.  Last night on the way home from having a little bite at our favorite Tachinomiya (Stand up Bar),  it was snowing!!  It’s the month of March and it was snowing and in that city Takatsuki it rarely snow even in the winter time.  Yes, the weather was very cold and windy “Snow”??  Very unusual for that to happen.  It looks like the weather will be the same for the next couple days.

Well, back to the topic.  This pass weekend the hubby went shopping and he brought home some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch.  It was one of those lazy afternoons.  KFC had another monthly special on chicken, which they called Pari Pari Umami Chicken(Crispy Delicious Chicken).  We usually try their monthly special cause the family are chicken eaters, and the specials are either crispy with honey or crispy with chilly pepper.

Now lets go back a little here, KFCs in Japan doesn’t have the same choice as I notice back in the US.  Where the US KFCs has Original Spice and Crispy, here in Japan we only have one choice and that is Original Spice.  So every once in a while they have a monthly special to make some kind of crispy chicken.  This month is Pari Pari Umami Chicken.



I have to say after tasting all their monthly special this has to be their best one they have ever made.  I think they marinated in a special shoyu sauce and deep fried it, to make it crispy and added a pepper spice coating on top of it.  The chicken meat was very very juicy in the inside and crunchy on the outside.  The is reasonable to I think it goes for about 260 yen for one chicken, but more then one it sells for 250 yen.


The Pari Pari Umami Chicken has a daily limit, they only can sell or make limited amount of the monthly special.  This usually sell out before the evening comes around, since they have only one regular choice of chicken(Original Spice).  The crispy always sell out fast, so I don’t think this is a great campaign for KFC if they are trying to make an extra buck or so.  They should just make it a regular menu order instead of having a daily limitation.

Well, I hope you enjoy my first review and I will have more to come.  If you have a chance to taste this KFC special, I totally recommend you try it.